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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cafe Eno, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Border country is a weird place. There's a feeling of lawlessness in the air and a plethora of chippers. However, we found ourselves in the tiny and charming Cafe Eno, an Italian cafe and winebar. It's beautifully decorated, but small, inside and claims to offer the best Italian food, coffee and wine.

Well, what did we think? I ordered a mixed cheese and meat antipasti plate (E12.50) which came with salami, chorizo, lomo, prosciutto, various cheeses, a rocket and tomato salad and a little espresso cup with a daube of the most delicious green pesto. Two slices of fresh bread, drizzled with olive oil provided the finish. All the ingredients were of the best quality and that divine pesto provided a wonderful dressing.

He went for the cannelloni (E14.50) which cobined ricotta, green pesto and a sharp tangy tomato sauce. The portion was large but not so big as to make you feel too full. Judging by the clean dish at the end, it tasted pretty damn good too.

We were contemplating leaving when the charming waitress offered us desserts and coffee. She had gotten as far as the first dessert on the list, tiramisu 'ome-made' when we stopped her dead in her tracks. There was no need to go any further. The tiramisu (E5.50) came served in a small mason jar, and dusted with dark cocoa powder. It was the perfect finish to a lovely meal.

It's clear that Cafe Eno cares about what they do. It's there for all to see in the decor, the attention and the quality of the food. Best of all, it's great value for money. The total for the above, including one espresso, two glasses of house red and one bottle of sparkling water came to E48.


Victor Graham said...

The food in Eno is fantastic. Fresh and delicious. For the quality it is very good value. Its more like being in Milan then Dundalk. Its a bit small but that adds to its charm.

Charles Crookes said...

Café eno is the Italian café for the coffee bars and there coffee is very tasty for the takes so how long to will wait for it. The tomato salad of the café eno is also same of the rushessay café in the Florida that are always busy with customers.

Lachlan Drennan said...

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