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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harvey Nichols Cafe, Dundrum

I've been meaning to write this review of the Harvey Nichols cafe for quite a while now, but I just kept forgetting. That is, until I cleaned out my wallet of all the useless and dated crap that acumulates and I found the receipt from our visit.

The cafe is located on the ground floor and features a bright, colourful decor with glass walls. I've been there several times in the past, both for coffee and for food and I have mixed feeling about the place. I like the space and I occasionally like the food. I'll never forget the day I ordered the eggs florentine and got a massive lump of rocket instead of spinach (note - it doesn't work as a substitute).

We visited on a Wednesday evening before going to the cinema. All the other restaurants appeared to be packed to the brim, so we went to Harvey Nicks. I went for the fish and chips (€11.50) while he chose the Quessadilla (sic) (€9.50). I got a small enough portion of dry fish and a few chips, all of which had been oven-baked. Very dry and unappetising, despite the nice portion of tartare sauce. His Quessadilla was better, served with little pots of accompaniments, but was still a very under-whelming portion. You could buy bigger and better sandwiches for half the price.

One diet coke (€3.00), one small bottle of sparkling water (€2.75) and an espresso (€2.25) bought the bill to a total of €31.90. Expensive enough for what we got.

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