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Thursday, November 26, 2009


According to my friends and family, I'm in the minority of people who actually enjoyed the movie 2012. Now don't take this as a wholehearted recommendation for the film, I'm simply saying that I enjoyed it.

It's a fairly typical smaltzt family story against the backdrop of epic destruction. Well that's nothing new, we've see it all before numerous times in "The Day After Tomorrow", "The Poiseidon Adventure" to mention just a few. And 2012 does appear to borrow heavily from previous films.

But once the earth stops to drop away, San Francisco slides into the bay, and Las Vegas disappears into a canyon, I was gripped. The CGI is big and doesn't let up for most of the film. Somehow the film succeeds in conveying a real sense of danger. However, it does lose pace towards the end and could have benefited from a snappier ending without the sub-story. Better writing could really have elevated this film to something above the norm.

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