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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Secrets and Lies - Jaishree Misra

This is chick-lit, but chick-lit of a high calibre. Four childhood friends from a Catholic school in India have created lives for themselves in London and India. However, their lives have been overshadowed by a tragic event which took place during their last year in school. One day, they find that they have been summoned to a reunion by their old principal.

As their minds return to the buildup to that tragic event, the women start to realise how their lives have been shaped, and indeed damaged, by their inability to deal with that night. Misra moves seamlessly between the past and the present to weave her story.

The major negative in this book is the anti-climatic and somewhat unsatisfying ending. Misra spent a lot of time developing the characters and their lives, and to finish on this dull note was disappointing. But overall, if you want an easy read you could do a lot worse than this tale of friendships and second chances.


Jillian said...

This looks good! Maybe I'll add it to my reading list. I hope the ending isn't too disappointing though : (

It sounds like you would really enjoy a book I wrote called 'Knickles and Dimes'. It's laugh-out-loud funny and, all in all, a fun read! Check it out!

Thanks for the review!

Rachel D. Castagna said...

2 years after my ex got a restraining order and got divorce papers at the same time.

I am a year after the settlement. We officially broke up because I have severe PTSD and needed insurance.

Nearly 17 Year Marriage That Was Toxic

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