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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler plays Clyde, whose wife and child are murdered in a senseless home invasion. Jamie Foxx plays the district attorney who cuts a deal with one of the murderers in order to send the other to Death Row. Not surprisingly, a distraught Clyde is disgusted with how the legal and justice system works.

Fast forward 10 years and two the murderers die in horrible ways. Suspicion quickly turns to Clyde, who is indeed responsible. He lets himself be arrested and placed in jail, pitting his wits against Foxx's attorney character.

There was a while in this film, particularly in the first interrogation scenes between Butler and Foxx and later in the first courtroom scene that I thought I would see a truly original and clever film. I imagined a story where a man commits a crime, willingly lets himself be arrested and then plays the legal system from the inside to be proven innocent, thus exposing the flaws of the system.

But you know what? I overestimated the film. Vastly overestimated in fact. Ultimately it is a mess, with a nonsensical story and oodles of violence. If only they could have steered in a different direction after the first 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

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Lucy Bennett said...
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Lucy Bennett said...

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