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Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Review] Featherblade, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Eating out is something I really enjoy, and it's something I do a lot. Until recently, I wasn't paying much attention to pricing, but I've started to notice that once again eating out is gradually getting more expensive. Depending on where you go, you might be damn lucky to see change from €100 for two people. I recently updated my Dublin Top 10 Early Birds listing and I found that early birds were no longer as readily available or had increased in price. Walk around town on a Friday night, and the sense of party time is creeping back on the streets, resulting in busier restaurants and bars. Boom,  baby, boom.

So in the middle of all this gradual upwards pressure, I was excited to learn of a new restaurant which was selling steaks for €13. How could this be? Featherblade is a small steak taken from the shoulder blade of the cow. It likes to be cooked rare, or else it toughens and best of all, it's relatively inexpensive. Just like its namesake, newly opened restaurant Featherblade aims to stay true to the principle of simple and affordable.

Here the menu is pared back to the barest essentials, with a handful of starters,  steak for mains and a simple selection of sides. This short menu is presented on a  simple small stand on each table, or via suspended blackboards over the entrance.  In a similar manner to the menu, the interior is likewise pared back. The colour scheme is wood with black and while (white walls, black-topped tables and black thick padded cushions). 

With just three starters to choose from, priced at €8 each, we selected the braised beef croquettes and salmon poke. (Poke is a raw fish dish from Hawaii, so think of dishes similar to tartare or ceviche). 3 large croquettes were packed full of flavoursome braised beef, well-seasoned and served crisply hot with a red cabbage slaw and beetroot chutney. The salmon poke featured fresh sweet salmon, avocado, sesame seeds and a little soy sauce, all served with a riot of sweet potato crisps. Both starters were very good, but what really impressed was the very generous portion size. 
Braised beef croquettes with slaw and beetroot chutney
Salmon poke with sweet potato crisps
The signature 9 oz featherblade steak is a constant on the menu, with a daily steak special also on offer. On our visit, the special was a 9 oz skirt steak, a slightly tougher cut than the featherblade. We ordered one of each, both priced at €13, with accompanying side dishes of truffle mac'n'cheese and beef dripping chips (€3.50 each).

The steaks arrived pre-sliced, simply served with some fresh green leaves. When a restaurant is all about one thing, then that one thing better deliver. And these steaks certainly each. Beautifully cooked, with a little juice escaping around the plate and sprinkled with a little sea salt, these steaks were spot on.   The featherblade was wonderfully tender and tasty, and while the skirt steak had a little more chew, it also had a lovely peppery flavour from the marinating it had received. The chips tasted like chipper chips, thanks to the beef dripping and the truffled mac'n'cheese was superb. The combined price for one steak and one side was €16.50 (or €18.00 if you add one sauce), which represents really exceptional value. 
Skirt steak at Featherblade
Featherblade absoutely nails it with great steaks and sides at great prices. By using "smaller" steaks and less popular cuts, there's little waste at the end, which is appealing given the recent awareness of food wastage. (I recently ate in a US steakhouse, where I could barely eat half of my rib-eye steak and felt awful at the thought of the rest of it being fired in the bin). 

Recommended - absolutely! 

Featherblade, 51 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 (0)1 679 8814
Twitter: @featherblade
Instagram: @featherblade51

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Aodhnait said...

Featherblade looks great, I'll be sure to try it.

Does 13 euro steak come with any sides or do you have to order some which brings it up to a 16.50 euro meal?

I find that when I am in the States I always take leftovers to go (that's breakfast for the next day sorted!).....on the other hand in Dublin I rarely have anything left as the portions are just right!

dudara said...

Hi Enie Dub - The steak is €13 on its own, with no sides. The sides are €3.50 each, meaning that a steak and a side cost €16.50

Aodhnait said...

Thanks for the reply!

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