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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eton Mess

It's practically summertime, and that means that strawberries are now beginning to appear regularly in the shops. I adore strawberries, I could live on a diet of strawberries. I had my first taste of strawberries and cream (a la Wimbledon) when I was about 14 at the Lota annual charity summer fete. Ever since then, it's been an addiction.

I love them with cream, with balsamic vinegar, on their own, and especially when served in an Eton Mess. I made one the other night to celebrate the first punnet of summer strawberries. It's so simple to make but so delicious.

I make mine by taking some whipped cream, and crumbling meringues into the cream. Slice some strawberries and layer them in a bowl with the meringue cream mix. Enjoy.


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