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Sunday, April 19, 2009

F*ckwits in Airports

Depending on where you are, and the situation you are in, you will encounter different classes of idiot. You have the unobservant idiots on the road, the ignorant morons who leave doors open, but I have a personal favourite: the f*ckwits who you meet in the airport.

These are the people who don't use the resealable plastic bags, who feign surprise when two bottles of shower gel and shampoo are pulled out of their luggage. They are the people who stand two abreast on travellators and escalators, the people who try to fit luggage into overhead bins. They are the people who walk at a snail's pace, who can't find their passport (despite having put it into their pocket two minutes earlier) and who start queueing at the gate two days before the plane departs.

When you are a regular airport traveller, it isn't hard to streamline the process. But there's always a f*ckwit waiting to spring a new level of stupidity.

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