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Thursday, April 23, 2009

lastminute €10 room sale - what a joke

So I got a mailshot from telling me that they were having a €10 room sale today at 10 a.m. Great, I thought. One night away, even if it is in Dublin, for €10 won't be so bad. And so began the litany of annoyances.

I logged onto the website before 10 a.m. all ready. When I clicked on the link provided in the mail shot I got redirected to a stg10 offer for England.

Then I visited the website, clicked through the banner and finally got to the correct booking page.

I discovered that only 2 hotels seemed to be participating on the dates I was interested in (one 4* and one 3*), and when I attempted to book, I got booted back to a generic booking page. Clearly there were no rooms left. But they can't be arsed telling you that.

Bravo lastminute. When you send out emails advertising a great deal, you'd want to make sure that there actually a decent product behind it. I've not been a great fan of lastminute, although I have gotten some good stuff in the past, but I've had nothing but bad experiences with their special offers and sales, as well as suffering their confusion between Ireland and the UK.

I think that this is the last time I'll try to book with lastminute.

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