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Monday, April 27, 2009

Silent on the Moor - Deanna Raybourn

I must admit that I gave a bit of a sigh when I received this ARC copy in the post. The scantily-clad lady on the front cover promises a bodice-ripping type of read. As it turns out, the story is set in the late Victorian 19th-century, which means that the cover picture looks at least a century or two out of date. I actually used to keep the book against my lap when on the tram or bus so that no one would see this embarassing cover!

It's the third story in the series of Lady Julia Gray novels, of which I've not read any before now. The story is simple though. When Lord Gray, Julia's husband was murdered, she met Nicholas Brisbane, a half-genteel, half-gypsy private investigator (who was pretty hot looking). The previous two novels have developed their relationship, both professionally and private and this third novel aims to provide some form of climax to the series.

Exasperated by their relationship, Julia travels to Brisbane's new residence, Grimsgrave, situated on the foreboding Yorkshire Moors. However, she didn't expect to find members of the former owners, the Allenbys, still in residence. As Julia's natural curiosity causes her to explore, dark secrets from the Allenby past are uncovered as well as more of Brisbane's past.

To be honest, this book isn't my cup of tea. I'm not one for historical romances, even when they have a good bit of mystery thrown in. But I can see the attraction of Lady Julia Gray for lots of readers. Despite living in the Victorian-era, she is a modern woman and the character of Brisbane will undoubtedly appeal to many.

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