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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Irish Drivers and 3-lane Roads

I'm so incredibly fustrated everyday driving between Dublin and Naas on the N7. For those of you who don't know, there's a 3-lane section of road between Dublin and Junction 8 on the N7. This then turns into a 2-lane motorway, the M7.

The majority of flipping drivers who sit in the middle lane is just downright astounding. They seem to be completely oblivious to the lane that's just to their left. As a result, we have a vastly underused section of the road.

So imagine, I'm driving along in the leftmost lane. I usually do about 105 kmph, or just a little over the limit. I come up on someone who's sitting in the middle lane, doing a slower speed than I. To obey the rules of the road correctly, and not undertake this ninny, I must pull into the middle lane behind him, overtake him using the rightmost lane, and then cross back two lanes to return to my original lane. That's a dangerous enough maneouver. And all because this fool doesn't know how to drive a multilane road safely and correctly. Gah!!!


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