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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Save the Kino Cinema

I just read in today's Irish Times that the Kino Arthouse Cinema on Cork's Washington Street after creditors initiated proceedings to recover more than €50,000 owed to them.

I spent 9 years in Cork as a student starting in 1996 persuing first my B.Sc. and then my Ph.D. A lot of that time was spent in various cinemas watching mainstream in the Capitol and then the Gate. But I also saw a lot of films (both good and bad) in the Kino, the only cinema in the city where you could get real coffee and bring it with you to the film.

Films I saw in the Kino include Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Howl's Moving Castle, Sunshine, PI, Run Lola Run, Titus Andronicus and many many more. It is a fantastic cinema.

I'm more than happy to pledge some financial support to the Kino. I want the management to know that I appreciate all the good stuff they've done over the years. Although I live in Dublin now, I want to know that the Kino is alive and kicking in Cork


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Jane McSweeney said...

I too was deeply saddened to hear that the Kino is in financial difficulty and may have to close. It is especially troubling when we consider that in these economically turbulent times, that we may lose yet another social outlet which doesn't break the bank yet provides a source of entertainment and an opportunity to meet people with similar interests.
I too would be more than willing to pledge what I can to save this great institution.

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