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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oliver's Eatery, Terenure

Oliver's Eatery is located over Vaughan's Eagle House pub in Terenure, and is run by Breton chef, Olivier Quenet, previously of Patrick Guilbaud and a director of La Maison des Gourmets. What this establishment delivers is hearty, hale food at excellent prices.

Once seated, I ordered the traditional farmhouse bake. Now let me assure you, that having been bought up in an Irish farmhouse, I've never experienced a farmhouse bake before. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my filling dish of sausage, bacon, potatoes and veg baked in a cheesey sauce.

Himself ordered the fantastic looking looking beef and Guinness pie. A large crusty, puffy pastry lid topped a rich, peppery filling with tender beef. It's just a pity that I don't consider a lid to pastry to be a pie. A pie is self-contained, and designed to be eaten in the hand. But I digress, this was a seriously good pie. One portion of perfectly cooked fries completed a very good meal.

To drink, we both chose a glass of a delicious, juicy spanish red which was well-priced at E5 a glass. Overall our meal came to approx E38.

What struck me as we left Oliver's is that this food will be excellent in winter time. It will insulate and sate you, cushioning you against the cold of winter.

Oliver's Eatery, Terenure Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W. 01 - 490 1251

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