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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Butler's Ice Cream - Vanilla Nut Crunch

Mrs H. does a fantastic Sunday lunch. It's one of the highlights of a weekend visiting the other half's parents. Her roast potatoes are beyond belief. She has developed a science (nay a philosophy) about roasting the spuds and their delicious crunchiness and fluffy interiors defy description.

Following the roast lamb dinner, she pulled out a tub of Butler's Vanilla Nut Crunch with Caramel Sauce ice cream out of the freezer. It's currently on special offer in Superquinn for E3 (I believe) and it is delicious. The ice-cream is a rich custard colour and it's flecked with deliciously crunchy nuts, pieces of chocolate covered honeycomb and little swirls of caramel sauce. Having tasted this flavour, I'll definitely try the others.

Butler's website has details of stockists for these fantastic ice-creams.

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