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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Only in Ireland - Meet Prawo Jazdy

Apparently Gardai the length and breadth of the country were reporting multiple traffic offenses against one Polish individual, namely Prawo Jazdy. Everytime he was stopped, a different address was given and over 50 different instances of the individual were created on PULSE, the Garda computer system.

Turns out that our fine men in navy blue had been mistakenly reading the Polish driving licenses and incorrectly recording the individual's name. Prawo Jazdy means nothing more than 'Driving License'.

It does amaze me that Gardai could not figure out that the really big letters at the top of the licence were just a title (hint: Permis de Conduire is written above), and that the real infomation was next to the photo. In fact, the words 'Prawo Jazdy' are currently on the front of every recently issued Irish driving license. Gardai have since been given training on how to read the driving licenses of most foreign nationals currently residing in Ireland.

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