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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tom Cruise in an eyepatch playing the role of a German aristocratic soldier in WWII? Hmmm.... well it was always going to be worth going to see this film.

In theory, it's a great story. Based on fact, Cruise plays the role of Count Claus von Stauffenberg, one of a group of prominent Germans who have grown convinced that Hitler must be stopped before Germany is destroyed by the Nazis and WWII. Despite some failed attempts, they devise a plan to seize control of the government following the assassination of Hitler.

This is a fairly restrained film, and Cruise puts in a fine performance in the role of Stauffenberg. Despite knowing what they have to do, we see key people struggle with the decisions that they have to make. Can they decide to do what it right and throw their hat into the ring? Can they become the heroes that Germany needs? Stauffenberg suffers no such hesistancy and is a driving force in the plot. Cruise's natural charisma (scientology aside) makes him an ideal choice to play the role of this key figure.

We know from history that the plot ultimately fails, but what the film reveals is how close this amazing feat came to achieving success. The story is made all the more tragic as we see how close the plotters come, only to lose in the dying moments. It is a story of heroism which is undone by the indecision and politics of others.

The period character of this film is excellently achieved and it is a true story of heroes. Yet there is something lacking in the film that I just quite can put my finger on.

Go see it. It is good. It is true. It reminds us that not all people caught up in atrocities are not complicit in them.

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