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Friday, February 20, 2009

Under the Stairs - Edinburgh

We visited Edinburgh for the weekend and stayed in the excellent Apex City Hotel on Grassmarket. We just wanted a few drinks on our first night and we visited the two traditional pubs on Grassmarket, The Last Drop and The Beehive Inn. Both bars were very nice and comforable, but we wanted to find somewhere a bit more unique.

We went for a wander up Candlemaker Row where we noticed a cool looking basement bar called Under the Stairs. There are a certain number of things that are guaranteed to fascinate me, and things in basements are definitely on that list. So down the stairs we went.

The room is large and low-ceiling in muted colours. There are scattered old armchairs and eclectic decorations (flying ducks) on the walls with old sewing machines and radios. The whole shabby chic effect is relaxed and comfortable. The staff were excellent and provided us with great service. The only thing I didn't like was the music. House music just isn't to my taste. But when it comes to finding somewhere comfortable to sit and chat, Under the Stairs fits the bill

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Anonymous said...

You probably mean "The Last Drop".

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