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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

The Pang Brothers are the people behind such Asian films as "The Eye" and the 1999 movie "Bangkok Dangerous". For reasons best known to themselves, they decided to remake this latter film, this time with Nicolas Cage in the main role.

Cage plays a hitman, who surprisingly, lives an isolated and regimented life. He moves to Bangkok to undertake a serious of 4 hits for a local crime family. However, things change for him in Bangkok as he hires a young man who he begins to train (with scenes reminiscent of The Karate Kid) and he meets a mute pharmacist with whom he begins a relationship. Suffice to say that Cage's character is at a new crossroads in his life.

The problem with all this is that the film is grey, dull and cliched. Cage doesn't spark with any of the other characters in the film. The only bright part to the film is the young apprentice played by Shahkrit Yamnarm.

Cage has the remarkable ability to look permanently constipated, which works in his favour in some films, but definitely not here. And what the hell is up with his hair?

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