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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Swan Mutilated in Dublin

Today I read a story in the Irish Times about a young swan which had to be humanely put down due to irreparable damage caused to his beak by a firework. Apparently someone had fed him a piece of bread containing a firework, which then exploded causing the bottom portion to be blown away, the top bill to be separated and the tongue shredded.

This just makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine the horrific pain and confusion that the poor animal was in before he was put down. I actually feel nauseated at the thought.

One of the glorious things that make us human is our sense of compassion and empathy. So how can someone be so lacking in these abilities as to do this to a harmless bird? Apparently members of the public at the scene of the incident, the Stardust Memorial Park in Coolock, Dublin, were too fearful to reveal the responsible individual. It just goes to show what kind of society and amoral class we are creating.

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