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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Eating in Brussels

For us, eating is a big part of life. In fact, given my tightening waistband, it probably ranks too high. But it's undeniably one of life's greatest pleasures, and damn if I'm going to stop enjoying my food. This weekend in Brussels, we got through some fine meals. On Friday night, we visited the K-Touch Thai restaurant on the Rue Jules Van Praet. We sat in a lovely corner seat, looking out through open windows onto the Place Saint Gery. The food was nice, and service pleasant.

The area around the Place Saint Gery is a lovely way to spend an evening. It's probably one of the trendiest areas in Brussels and you can choose from numerous restaurants with plenty of Asian food on offer. There are numerous bars, both traditional and cool, to choose from and the square is filled with people sitting at tables and watching the world go by.

On Saturday, we walked along the Avenue Louise where Sushishop caught our eye. We opted for one lunch menu (a plate of sushi, salad, and rice or soup for €12.50) and two special orders from the kitchen. The pre-packed plate of sushi and sashimi was delicious and excellent quality and the accompanying coleslaw salad had a real kick to it. However, the stars of the show were the specials from the kitchen. One featured lovely flavours of coriander and mint, while the other was nicely spicy. A great lunch.

That night, we met a friend for a drink at L'Ultime Atome on Rue Saint Boniface. I really like this pub, which is a great choice for drinks, or some food. It's always busy and is in a lovely setting. It's probably the Belgian version of a gastropub.

We went from L'Ultime Atome to Belgo Belge just around the corner, where we had a table booked for a late dinner. Again, this is another gastropub / brasserie which offers great food at good prices. This area around Saint Boniface is packed full of good restaurants, and you won't be stuck for choice. The Belgo Belge offers traditional Belgian cuisine, and I opted for the magret de canard served with a Kriek sauce, which turned out to be delicious. The duck breast was cooked to pink, and served sliced with the delicious sweet sauce.

On Sunday, we headed back to
Rue Jules Van Praet as we had a craving for more Thai food. This time we went to the Restaurant Davi, where we settled for main courses only as we were on a deadline for the cinema. Unintentionally, we ended up with similar dishes, but they were nice and generously sized. I've got a feeling that all the Thai restaurants on this street are of similar quality (nice but not great) and that there must be a better Thai restaurant to be found in the city

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