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Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Holy Grail - Boots That Fit

I don't have thin legs. My calves have always been wider than normal and as a result I've only ever bought two pairs of boots from the high street that fitted me. (I'm not including those horrible cloth stretch boots in this category).

I've known about Duo Boots for quite a while, but never took the plunge by purchasing a pair of boots from them. But then I saw the Jesolo boot on their website and I had to have it. Red metallic patent leather boots with a little platform to make them comfortable. I ordered them last weekend and they were waiting for me when I arrived home this weekend. When I put them on, I was so pleased. They fit snugly, but with no struggling with the zip. They're very comfortable and made from real leather (well they'd want to be, given that they cost 195 sterling). I just adore them.

So I want to say a big THANK YOU to Duo for making boots that fit. For thinking about women who'd love to wear boots but can't find them in the high street. 



Unknown said...

Oh God, I love Duo (I have 3 pairs) and I LOVE the Jesolo. I've been looking for red boots for years. Do you have a photo of yourself wearing these boots?

(Frocks & Frou Frou)

dudara said...

I won't put up any pictures of myself, but the boots are a gorgeous metallic shade of red. It's a little different to the photos, but not too scarlet.

Anonymous said...

I agree

I have bought several boots from DUO and they all fit perfectly.

Whets more the quality of the boots are amazing and they really are items that will last you.

I am currently looking at treating myself to a pair of the Imperia


Anyone who has not seen their range should go check them out,

There are some lovely styles this season.

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