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Monday, September 15, 2008

Harlot Aura Shoes

I first set eyes on Harlot shoes in Schuh several years ago. The unique, modern styles caught my attention first, but close examination revealed that these shoes are really well made from high quality leather. A bit of research on the net revealed that the shoes are made in Spain as part of a collaboration between Portugese shoe factory Meigo S.A. and the English designers Perry and Carol King (further information here).

At this stage, I have three pairs of Harlot shoes (it doesn't quite yet compare to my 17 pairs of Irregular Choice) but this shoe brand has potential. My latest pair are the Aura - in blue suede with fantastic patent detail.

Additionally, they are quite comfortable shoes, so I can definitely see myself wearing these to the office as well as out at night. Gotta love shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic shoes! Can't get enough of shoes.

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