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Monday, October 13, 2008

College Girl - Patricia Weitz

Author: Patricia Weitz

I received an ARC copy of College Girl from Penguin Group USA and it immediately looked like a book I would want to read. I couldn't find the note, if any, that came with the book, and therefore I do not know who to thank. Unfortunately, due to a combination of work and exams, it took me a while to get around to reading the book.

However, once I did pick up the book, I absolutely devoured it from cover to cover. The story is based on hard-working studious Natalie Bloom. Coming from a working class background, she is determined to better herself and earn respect through hard work in college. She constantly struggles against her upbringing which has left her with a repressed sexuality and questions about her brother's suicide.

The feelings of lonliness and sexual curiosity that are common to university students are keenly evoked by the author and you will find yourself nodding along and agreeing with so many of the incidents. As Natalie develops sexual relationships and friendships, you will want to catch her and stop her from hurting herself. The story took me back to my own college days and my own efforts at those crucial first adult relationships.

It is a credit to the author that the book is easy and light to read, despite the heartful subjects at hand. It is an accurate experience of the college experience and I would recommend it as good reading for any young student who has questions about themselves and their relationships. To make an analogy that shows my age, it's a Judy Blume book for the college generation.

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