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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ethnic Foods - Brussels

For those of you in the know, I've been working on a project in Brussels since the end of May. There are several sandwich and salad shops around my work location, including chains such as Exki and Pulp. However, my clear favourite is independently-owned Ethnic Foods.

The same friendly staff are always at work, making fresh sandwiches and salad to order. Or if you prefer, you can pick up a pre-packed salad and one of their tasy and just-desserts. Tomato and olive breads are offered to accompany salads (un morceau du pain?) which I always decline. At this stage, it's a little joke between the staff and I.

The owner is friendly and charming, offering tastes of salad fillings or soups of the day. What a great way to run your business. Additionally, complete their loyalty card (5 stamps required) and receive a free dessert with your sandwich/salad. I love my full-loyalty card days!

Today, the owner informed us that it was the 3rd anniversary of Ethnic Foods and presented each of us with a little bag of fresh herbs as a little gift. Right now, the herbs are being put to use in a stew and I just want to take this opportunity to wish Ethnic Foods another 3 years of success.

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