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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Final Reckoning - Sam Bourne

I wanted a nice easy book to read on the Eurostar between London and Brussels, and I hadn't read a thriller in ages. It's pretty clear when you look at any bookstore shelves at the moment that Sam Bourne seems to be the nom de jour. The Final Reckoning is his latest novel and judging by the author's notes and comments at the rear of the book, it is well researched and very much based in fact.

A elderly man is shot dead in front of the UN in New York. A disillusioned ex-UN lawyer is asked to visit the relatives of the deceased and stumbles upon a secret reaching all the way from the Holocaust and some of the darkest times known. Excepting the relationship between the lead male and female characters, the book fairly rattles along and is an easy, gripping read. Other characters come in and out of the novel and are dropped before the climax leaving you with a sense of shadows and unfleshed characters.

The great positive about this novel is that it left me with a desire to find out more about the historical events and people upon which the novel is based. Sam Bourne isn't writing anything incredibly new or original, but for the most part, he is writing it well.

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