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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Secret Lives of Men - Christopher Blazina

I received a copy of The Secret Lives of Men: What Men Want You to Know About Love, Sex and Relationships from the author Christopher Blazina, who took pity on me following my surgery to correct a detached retina, and promised to send me a copy to read while recovering. Unfortunately, the book arrived long after I had returned to work, but I still looked forward to reading it. So a big thank you to the author for following through on his promise.

TBH, self-help and guides to better living are not generally my thing. I do take a certain pride in the fact that I think things through as much as I can, and also discuss things very frankly with my better half. However, you can never know enough and different perspectives can be quite illuminating. So I approached the book with an optimistic and open mind.

To be honest, while the title of the book concerns itself with males, both sexes can learn valuable lessons from this book as the author takes an unbiased approach. He aims to teach the important people in a man's life on how to connect and interact in a meaningful way. The author states the 10 commandments of being male and the pressures and fear that face modern men on a regular basis.

My only complaint is that the book is possibly too long. A shorter snappier book might be easier for people to complete and digest. However, it is an interesting take on how to emotionally connect with an important person in your life.

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