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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Death Race

I saw Death Race at a preview screening in UGC de Brouckere in Brussels where the total cost for 2 tickets including credit card booking fee was €7.50! Suck on that all other cinemas.

Death Race is one of those films where the trailers only appear about a month or so before it's releases. Therefore, you're not already bored and tired of it before you go to the cinema to see it. A good start. The premise of the fim is simple. It is the near future and the american economy has collapsed (rings true at the moment, doesn't it?). Prisons are overcrowded and are turnedover to private companies to run. In order to make money, the prisons broadcast a television show where prisoners race to the death. Simple eh? and rather reminiscent of ancient Rome.

The film stars Jason Statham, one of the true current action stars, as a man who is *shock* framed for the murder of his wife. Why? Because he is a superb racing driving. But he is of course a man of honour and decency, though not without a mean streak, and not unsurprisingly takes offence at being sent to jail.

What did I think? Overall, it's not a bad film. It's one where you can leave your mind in neutral and enjoy the loud, noisy and messy car scenes. It races across the screen in full high-octane mode and Statham produces a mean performance as toughman Ames.

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