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Monday, October 6, 2008

Free SLR Training Course from Nikon

I recently invested in my first SLR camera, a Nikon D40, and received an invitation from Nikon to attend a free afternoon sesion featuring an introduction to SLR photography. For several reasona,s I decided that it would be worthwhile to attend. These included

  • I'm not a girl to turn my nose up at a free gift;
  • I really don't believe in the RTFM school of thought; and
  • Finally, and most importantly, after two months of owning an expensive camera, I still hadn't really progressed much beyond the point and click technique (though I did make an effort when visiting Bruges in September).
The course was presented by Joe Houghton who turned out to be a very kind man with the patience of a saint. He patiently bore with our crowd and answered question after question. He especially showed considerable charm in dealing with a woman seated at the top of class who thought she knew everything and was intent on demonstrating it.

The class was simple, but I appreciated the fact that Joe took the time to come and speak to us, and run through the basic common features of most SLRs. It opened my eyes to how the camera operately differently in each mode, and really fired me up to go out and take some decent photos.

Go check out Joe's rather slick website (Joe Houghton Photography) and see some of his picturesque landscape photos.

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