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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Citizen Restaurant, Brussels

I've turned into a fan of many of the restaurants in the St. Boniface area of Brussels. It's within easy walking distance of my apartment and when I arrived into Brussels on a cold Monday evening, I headed straight to Boniface to get some food. To me, there's very little point in going to somewhere familiar when there are new restaurants to be visited, so I headed to Citizen which proclaims itself as Asian Cooking.

The restaurant is small inside and decorated in black tones with a projection screen on one wall. At night the interior is dark with lighting provided mainly by night lights on the table. It's serious atmospheric. When I visited, the restaurant was surprisingly busy for a Monday evening, and most tables were full of couples or groups of friends out for a chat. However, I squeezed myself and my laptop bag into a table for two and settled down to relax.

The menu takes you through all main asian cultures and represents great value for money. I went for an assorted set of starters, to be followed by beef penang curry. All main courses come with rice (where applicable) and a bowl of prawn crackers was placed on the table while I waited. The starters turned out to be 3 spring rolls comprising different fillings. Unfortunately, two turned out to contain celery, which is my demon vegetable and it marred the dish for me. However, the rolls were crispy and substantial.

The beef penang was served in a little pottery crock, along with a large portion of rice. It turned out to be that rarest of things in Belgium, namely spicy! It wasn't as hot as I longed for, but it was spicier than a lot of Thai food I've had here. So kudos to Citizen for that.

The toilets are located downstairs down a winding stairs where it is hard to see where your foot is going. The toilet roll dispenser featured 12 rolls of toilet paper along with the one in use. That just tickled me pink.

Citizen strikes me as a restaurant providing good value, tasty Asian food in a romantic and convivial setting. It's listed as one of the cool restaurants in Brussels and it's easy to see why. My two courses, a bottle of sparkling water and a cubra libre cocktail resulted in a total bill of €30.

Citizen: Rue Saint Boniface 4, 1050 Bruxelles

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