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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soho, Dublin

Obviously there was something wrong with the Cornerhouse Grill formula, because it has been replaced by Soho, a restaurant offering friendly, comfort food at good prices. Good things have been done with the decor as it's much brighter than the dark wood interior of the Cornerhouse Grill.

I did like the Cornerhouse Grill - it just wasn't going to work in Dublin. The first time I went, I had the cheesy soufflé and steak - divine, but a bit pricey. Then I saw that the menu had changed - you know the kind of change I'm talking about - the kind a restaurant does as it fights the downhill slide. So I must say that I wasn't surprised to see new arrival Soho in its place.

The new version, Soho, is good. We went for Brunch on a Saturday morning. I was surprised to see that they didn't start serving food until 11.30. It's close to Christmas and people will have been shopping since earlier. To miss out on at least 2 hours of potential trade in what is a tough climate seems a bit daft. I went for the corned beef hash, fried egg and green salad while my partner went for the haddock, egg and hollandaise sauce. The food turned out to be excellently executed - very good indeed. My corned beef hash did not feature any green salad at all, but to be honest, the rest was so good that I barely noticed. I would say though to the chef that a fried egg does not mean a poached/steamed egg. Get out a pan and actually fry the egg! The haddock in the other dish was the real smoked deal, not the artificial smoked version that's so common.

Two lattes, two coffees along with the food bought the bill to somewhere in the region of €40. I liked Soho a lot, and definitely will be back.

Soho, 17 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. 01-7079596

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