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Monday, November 10, 2008

Yushan Fang Chinese Restaurant Dublin

Firstly, let me state that I'm not too sure about the spelling of the name of this restaurant. It used to be called the Chili Apple, but the business card I picked up as I left was in Chinese, and I'm doing my best to recollect the name. It's located at 6 Mary Street, Dublin 1 and is one of the plethora of Chinese restaurants that have sprouted up in Dublin's own new "Chinatown".

The menu is full of traditional chinese dishes, with accompanying photos for the hesitant and prices are more than reasonable.

We ordered deep fried whole fish in hot garlic sauce, fried beef shreds in spicy sauce and smoked chicken shreds. Our waiter was clearly overwhelmed with the sudden influx of guests late on a cold Sunday afternoon, and when our order arrived, the fish had somehow turned into fish and corn soup. Not that we complained mind, as it was delicious and to be honest we had more than enough to eat for a lunchtime neal.

The smoked chicken shreds were punchy and fried with plenty of chili. The beef shreds had that lovely wok-fried taste that I was craving and came in a generous portion. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the bill came to a total of approx €25, including two soft drinks. Thumbs up to the Yushan Fang restaurant.

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The food of this restaurant is very delicious. The room is tastefully furnished in the style of the Qing Dynasty, with porcelain vases and delicate jade along the shelves and pictures on the walls. The location of this restaurant is also cool..

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