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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tale of Two Burgers

So I was back in Dublin for a few days recently and I took advantage of it to try out some restaurants for lunch.

First up was the new venue on Camden Street, the modern and sleek Green Nineteen. From what I gather, they've only just opened, but they already appear to be doing quite well. The interior is clean and sleek and the menu is simple, Irish-based, well thought out and most importantly, easy on the pocket. I went for the beef burger, served with mayo, home-made ketchup and fries. Total cost €10. It is such a nice feeling to see lunches priced at the €10 mark, rather than pushing you over. The burger was tasty, nicely cooked and I loved the home-made ketchup. A nice lunch spot for sure.

No contact details available yet for Green Nineteen, but I'll add them as soon as I have them. This place deserves some good word of mouth.

Second up was Stonrs on Stephen Street. This is part of the burgeoning empire that has recently bought Dublin Darwin's and and the Bald Barista. I'd been to Stonrs several months ago for an evening meal, but hadn't really enjoyed it. However, I did think that a second go was in order. I went for the lamb burger with smoked paprika, cucumber raita, mint and what were described on the menu as "French Fries". What I got were not french fries, but instead the common irish chip. They were tasty, especially when dipped into the raita, but I do wish restaurants would get their potato-related descriptions right. Us Irish are potato conoisseurs and we appreciate an accurate description.

The lamb burger was cooked until slightly pinked and had a lovely paprika flavour throughout. Very decent but 2 factors let the meal down. One was the dim lighting in the restaurant. I couldn't helo but compare it to the brightly lit Green Nineteen from the previous day. The second was the price of the latte. At €3.50, it's bordering on being too expensive. Again, a latte at Green Nineteen the day before had cost just €2.50.

So there - a mixed bag. Once again, Irish restaurants appear unable to differentiate a chip from a french fry from a wedge.

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