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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Last Testament - Sam Bourne

Sometimes you just have to read thrillers, especially thrillers with religious conspiracy overtones. Reading these books is like finding that sweet spot when scratching your back. Sam Bourne is the man of the moment, replacing Dan Browne as the readers choice. I recently read "The Final Reckoning" and "The Righteous Men" as well as "The Last Testament", all in quick succession.

Israel and Palestine are close to accord, settling the age old dispute that has wracked the region for generations. Top negotiator Maggie Costello (an Irish woman if you will!) is asked to assist in the talks but other peoples machinations and an age-old document (nothing less than the testament of Abraham himself) threaten to derail the process.

I won't reveal much more than that but what you have here is a fast-paced, action-packed book that entertains while delivering some historical and political information. I didn't think that the characters were hugely developed (and I'll always question a male writer choosing a female lead character). Like other Bourne books, I found this one to be well-researched and the author manages the mix history, politics and drama quite well.

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