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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hana Restaurant, Brussels

Hana is a Japanese - Korean restaurant located on Rue Saint-Boniface, close to the buzzing St. Boniface area of Brussels. Given that I had just wrapped up a key piece of work, I wanted to have something nice to eat, rather than facing into cooking a meal at 10.30 pm.

I had thought about going to a Mexican restaurant on Chausee de Wavre, but it was closed, so I remembered seeing Hana when wandering around the Boniface area on a previous day. I was scanning the menu in the window when two ladies who were standing outside for a cigarett told me to get inside as it was "le meilleur sushi" - pardon my french spelling. I didn't really need any more persuasion, so in I went. The restaurant is simple and clean inside with a simple menu. However, there was a nice level of occupancy, even at 10pm on a Tuesday night and customers were clearly enjoying themselves.

I opted for the shrimp roll, followed by the beef bulgogi. The shrimp roll consisted of deep fried shrimp, placed into a sushi roll and served with prawn on top with a tasty, soya-based dipping sauce. I ordered the 5 pc portion for starter and it turned out to be quite a generous size. The beef bulgogi arrived at the table in a cast-iron pot, bubbling awaty merrily, along with sides of rice, miso soup, kimchee and sesame beansprouts. You can't fault this restaurant on portion sizes - that's for certain. I love the Korean stews that feature thinly sliced cooked meats, and this was no exception. It wasn't spicy, but instead slightly sweetly flavoured with soya sauce. Delicious.

A quarter beaker of wine, and an espresso bought the bill to €35.50 in total for quite a large meal. Too much for me anyway. Great food - this restaurants compares very favourably to any other Korean or Japanese restaurant that I've eaten in. A new favourite for me.

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