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Monday, November 17, 2008

Quantum of Solace

This film is a fantastic development in the Bond series of films. Its predecessor, the first film to feature Daniel Craig as James Bond, somehow fell a little short of the mark, but I believe that they've nailed it this time around.

It's time for Bond fans the world over to grow up and look at the modern times. Bond doesn't fight camp villains who live with their cats/sharks/lasers (delete as appropriate) in secret underground lairs anymore. Instead, the villains are now businessmen and politicos, people who governments are willing to interact with, distasteful as it may be.

Craig's Bond is a man for these times. He's grittier, definitely tougher and does a meaner line of suits thanks to Tom Ford. The Bond series of films is always entertaining, but the humour has taken a darker twist in these recent two films and they've left the slapstick humour by the wayside. Sorry Q, but these days everyone has supergadgets in their pockets. Instead, we get a much more refined and dark sense of humour.

Action still abounds and pretty girls fill the screen. Some things will never change for Bond, but he's definitely grown up and come of age. This is a thoroughly modern Bond for a thoroughly modern time.

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