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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Irish Prizewinner (In a weird way)

It must be said that we don't do gangsters particularly well in this country. Our local bred boyos might have delusions of grandeur or ambitions to roll in the hood, but as always, we bring a uniquely Irish spin to gangster affairs.

Step up the recently deceased Philip Collopy. The 29 year old Limerick criminal was demonstrating how to use his Glock semi-automatic gun at a house party when he shot himself in the head, inflicting a fatal wound. In fairness to him, he had removed the magazine from the gun, but had failed to remember the chambered bullet.

Guests at the party were described as being 'unusally cooperative' with the Gardai following the incident and mobile phone footage immediately established the chain of events. The house guests at the party were hardly upstanding citizens and were eager to clear their names as quickly as possible.

It's awful to find humour in the death of a fellow human being but Collopy was a career criminal and the entire country is sick to the back teeth of the crime and deaths in Limerick. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone outside Collopy's family who will mourn his passing.

I reckon Collopy has to be a front-runner for one of the next Darwin Awards, which are awarded to deceased individuals who "improve the species, by actually removing themselves from it!". It looks like Ireland's recent winning streak is continuing.

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