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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm in Pain...

I've been hovering around the fitness issue for a while now. 3 years ago I was 63 kg, training in the gym and taekwon 3-4 times a week. It kept me in great shape, and I loved it.

Moving to Dublin and depressing winter evenings coming home from work, combined with a knee injury and surgery for a detatched retina, along with spending 6 months working crazy hours on a project in Brussels, means that I now weigh a good bit more than 63 kg. I'm still able for 30 mins of cardio, but I don't do any weight-training or martial arts anymore.

I love training in classes, so I decided to give the Body Combat class in my gym (LA Fitness in Dartry) a go. It turned out to be fairly demanding (and the more effort you make, the harder you'll work) but good fun. I hated the sh*tty dance music that accompanied the class, but I slogged through it.

The downside to all of this... I'm seizing up today. I know that my body will adjust quickly enough (it's kind to me that way) but right now all I want to be left lying on the sofa.

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