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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meteor Broadband - Speed Test

I've had a Digiweb Ripwave modem for over 2 years now (purchased from Clearwire). It's never been the best for speeds and sometimes it's frankly prehistoric. It literally varies with the weather and which way the wind is blowing. (Those damn radio waves are being deflected by the breeze). Numerous calls to customer support result in the support staff trying to convince me that I'm in a region with full covereage (ahem! Then why am I ringing you?).

A mailshot from Meteor landed in my postbox last week, offering me mobile broadband with a special price on the modem. I figure that it can't be worse than the Ripwave and I have 7 days to test it out before I'm locked into the contract.

Firstly, the modem is cute - so it passes the aesthetic test. I especially like the way that the indicator light lies within the 'o' of the Meteor logo. But what about performce?

In my sitting room, I'm regularly getting the steady green light with occasional steady blue lights. Performance is OK with the steady green - not the fastest load, but no worse than the Ripwave. When I have steady blue, it literally rips along.

Right so, time for a speed test. I'm located in Dublin 6, near the Trinity halls of residence. Two consecutive tests on tells me I'm currently getting 124 kb/s and 83 kb/s. That's not great tbh.



malaí seosaimhín said...

Hi - thanks for your review of Meteor broadband - I'd be interested in knowing if you recommend it as your only broadband connection? I am thinking about getting it, but rely so much on the internet and Skype especially I am not sure if it's worth it! Keep us updated :) !

Anonymous said...
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vishal said...
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Unknown said...

That's quite a good speed.I have checked out my broadband speed test at
My speed test results: Upload speed : 3.8 Mbps Download speed : 15.8 Mbps

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