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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Increasing Cinema Prices

I go to the cinema about once a week on average, if not more often. Ever since I was a student, and the Gate Cinema in Cork offered matinee showings for £2, I've been hooked. That's about 12 years ago though, and it's fair to say that it's a little more expensive now to go to the cinema.

Cinema prices for two adults at an evening showing are breaking the €20 barrier now. I've noticed that Cineworld in Dublin's Parnell Street have increased prices lately. Adult evening and matinee tickets have increased, by 70c to €10.40 and 60c to €8.30 respectively. When you factor in a booking fee of 45c per ticket, the price for a couple is now €21.70.

The other cinema I frequent is the superb Movies@ in Dundrum. Adult tickets here are €9.90 each with a booking fee of 80c per order, bringing a night out to a slightly lower total of €20.60.

I like to book my tickets online before going to the cinema. It's often quicker and saves queueing. One thing I've noticed lately in Dundrum is how many seats are already booked or even where showings are sold out. It appears that cinema is booming in Ireland right now as it does represent a cheaper night out than the pub. However the cinemas are continuing to raise prices, despite the fact that most of their patrons are facing decreased wages.

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