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Saturday, March 14, 2009

L'Officina - Kildare Village

Dunne and Crescenzi were a welcome taste of Italy when they first opened in Dublin. Now they have several restaurants across Dublin as well as L'Officina in the Kildare Village Outlet.

We stopped at Kildare Village recently for a quick look around the shops (Goddammit Ted Baker, you and my credit card need to stop liking each other so much), as well a quick bite to eat before continuing along the road to Waterford.

The one thing that struck me while we were reading the menu (and which has always entered my head) is that L'Officina isn't particularly cheap. It's not expensive either, but they don't appear to be making any effort to offer value to people at the moment. There was no evidence of specials or set menus.

We went for oriecchiette pasta (little ear-shaped pasta served with broccoli, chili and garlic) and a plate of gnocci with creamy ham sauce. Both dishes were excellent and really hit the spot on a gloomy, windy evening.

I like the food on offer at L'Officina and I think that the restaurant is bright and airy with cream walls and light wooden tables and chairs. Outdoor seating is available and it's possible to look out onto the ruins of the Grey Abeey while enjoying your meal.

However, I really do think that L'Officina are capitalising on their position as the only restaurant in Kildare Village and therefore not offering any value to customers. It's a pity, as I can see real opportunities for Kildare Village in the future, if they are smart and offer the right value to customers.

Two pastas, one espresso, two macchiato and one diet coke cost E32 approx.

L'Officina, Kildare Village, Kildare, Co Kildare. 045 - 535 850

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