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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Temple Bar Food Market

The Celtic Tiger hasn't gasped it's last breath yet. That's my opinion after a visit to the Temple Bar Food Market today. Small pies for E7 (The Gallic Kitchen), small pieces of belly pork for E11-14 (J Hick & Sons Gourmet Food)!

There is good variety on offer in the market, but I did't think that there was much value on offer. Karuna's Kitchen (vegetarian, with lots of wheat-free options) appeared to be the best of the lot when it came to prices for take-away food. They also have delicious chutneys and condiments available for purchase.

Seriously though. When are people going to wake up and demand value for money? Just because it's artisan, local or organic doesn't have to mean expensive. Continental food markets offer much better value and with a lot less pretentiousness.

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