Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Il Fornaio - IFSC - Dublin

My other half told me to get on the Luas one lunchtime and to meet him down at the IFSC. As we walked along, I was delighted to see all the new dining options in that neck of the woods. Turns out that he had a craving for the walnut and cream ravioli that Il Fornaio serve. It turns out that the walnut pasta is absolutely delicious and worth having a craving for.

I ordered a medium-sized (12") spicy Diavola pizza which turned out to be absolutely delicious and far too large for one person at lunchtime. Luckily, the walnut pasta had long since disappeared on the other side of the table, so he was free to help me finish the pizza.

Il Fornaio is a franchise operation, with another location in Raheny. This came as a surprise to me as it really did have a nice local atmosphere. Judging by the crowd in the restaurant, it's clearly a popular lunchtime option. However, I did think that Il Fornaio is an expensive lunchtime option. The somewhat small portion of ravioli with walnut sauce cost E15.95 while the Diavolo pizza was E16.80. We rounded the meal off with two good espressos (E1.80 each).

In conclusion, good food, but a pricey lunchtime option.

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