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Thursday, July 16, 2009

At Last! Some Sense

I've been reading Volume 1 of the Bord Snip Nua report, chaired by UCD economist, Dr. Colm McCarthy, and it makes for some of the most sensible reading I've ever encountered.

Rationalisation of the crazy number of agencies and semi-state bodies, cuts in social welfare and elimination of duplicate payments, reduction in public sector staffing... In fact, estimates of over 17,000 job cuts in the public sector have been bandied about.

The annoying aspect of the report is that all this is common knowledge, and that it represents fat that we should have trimmed during the good years. Unfortunately, we all know that things are left ignored and buried while the going is good. Now, we have to face the pain.

As a private sector employee, who has taken a pay cut in addition to the government levies, I am glad to see a bright light being clearly shone on the elephant in the room - namely staffing and pay in the public sector. It is an area that is long overdue and I firmly believe that if the Government fails to tackle this issue, it could well mean their downfall. Private employees have had just about enough job losses and pay cuts and want to see some equality across the entire workforce.

The report is honest and considered. The question remains if the Government will implement it in an honest and considered fashion.

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