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Monday, July 20, 2009

Meade's Wine Bar

UPDATE 18 September, 2012: I have noticed a lot of traffic to this blog post since the recent reopening of Meade's Wine Bar. I would like to point out that this review is from 2009, and I am yet to visit the new version of Meade's. 

We passed through Cork city last weekend on our way to West Cork for a wedding. I left Cork three years ago, and I love returning. Ultimately, Cork is my home city and coming back always feels comfortable and relaxing.

Meade's wine bar on Oliver Plunkett Street wasn't open long when I left for Dublin (if I remember correctly). In fact, I think that I was in there once before I left. It looks like the kind of place that I would frequent regularly, if it was on my doorstep.

Entering through the small, narrow, wooden door, accompanied by the clang of an old bell, is like walking back in time, and it definitely evokes a Bohemenian, continental feel. Rickety wooden furniture, low lighting, marble bar top and narrow gaps all work together to create a cozy atmosphere. I must say that I am not a fan of the lightweight creaky wooden chairs - I've never found sitting on chairs like those comfortable and I probably never will.

We ordered two wines, but my order for a Sauvignon got confused and I ended up with a glass of prosecco - but bubbly stuff is always good so I wasn't complaining. The red was a reasonable €6 while the prosecco was either €7 or €7.50. We ordered a mixed meat and cheese plate for €14 but this is where the good part of the story ends. What we got comprised of 4 slices of chorizo, 4 rolled parma ham slices, 4 bits of blue cheese and 4 bits of brie. Small bits at that. A side plate of small bread pieces and a dish of pesto finished the platter. Although all the bits were excellent (as should be given that the English Market is only just up the road), €14 was far too much for this meagre amount of food and was the key factor in us deciding to leave and not have any more wine at Meade's.

This is the truth of the new world - Us Irish are not great complainers. Instead we simply won't return to the scene of the crime. By charging us €14 for one meagre plate, Meade's have ensured that we won't but any more food/wine on their premises again.

Meade's Wine Bar, 126 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork. 021 - 427 1530


Anonymous said...

Probably a good thing you didn't return, that food was not from the market up the road. I know, I used to work there.

Loved your description of the place though, it brought back memories of my travels :)

Anonymous said...

I went there last Friday with two of my friends. We each had a glass of wine & the cheese plate-& each of us was up all night vomiting. I would not recommend this venue.

Unknown said...
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David Roy said...
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