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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blood Ties

Blood Ties is a 2006 television series based on the Vicki Nelson series of books from Tanya Huff. Christina Cox plays Vicki Nelson, a private investigator who was forced to retire from Homicide due to a progressively worsening eye conditioner. One day she is hired by a goth to investigate the death of her boyfriend and her investigation leads her into the world of the occult, where she meets Henry Fitzroy.

Turns out Henry is a 500 year old vampire and the illegitimate son of Henry VIIII. An investigative partnership develops with the inevitable romantic and flirtacious undertones. But competing for Vicki's affections is Mike Celluci, her ex homicide partner and erstwhile lover.

Christina Cox turns in a wise-cracking, high octane performance as Vicki, but the show fails to shine and reach the same heights as comparable shows such as Buffy and the recent Moonlight.

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