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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yuelaixiang Chinese Restaurant

We went to Parnell Street on Thursday night in the quest for Chinese food. I should really have been sensible and gone to the gym followed by a meal at home, but sense has never really been high on my list of priorities.

I had been in town where I had treated myself to a glass of wine at the bar of Cafe Novo at the Westbury Hotel. It was a very nice glass of wine, but it would want to be at E8 a glass. But fair play to the barman for topping up my glass for free when I managed to catch it with my arm and spilled half of it.

With the other half in tow, we went to the Yuelaixing restaurant on Parnell Street. The establishment has been there for ages, but I suspect that they change hands quite regularly - hence the name that Google cannot find.

We ordered a plate of seafood dumplings (E5.50), a braised seabass (E9.80) and Yu Xiang shredded pork (E7.50). I ordered a glass of house red wine, which turned out to be fairly vile (think port flavours) and himself had some Qing Tao beer. The seabass, cooked whole in ginger, garlic and other nice flavours, turned out to be delicious and fell apart at the touch of the chopstick. My pork was spicy in bitesized pieces. The dumplings had been steamed and then panfried, with a lovely meaty filling.

Total bill was E31.80 for two substantial courses along with dumplings and alcohol. It was really more than we could eat! Yuelaixing is another good traditional chinese restaurant to add to the Dublin repetoire.

Yuelaixing, Parnell Street, Dublin 1. 01 - 872 8847

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