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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Quest for the best Salt & Vinegar crisps

There's something utterly addictive about salt and vinegar crisps. They pucker your mouth, occasionally make your eyes water when you get a particularly vinegary crisps but they are divine. I've sampled a fair few brands over the years, from homegrown Tayto's to storebrand and gourmet.

I always get excited when I see a gourmet brand - I think "Finally, the best bag of salt and vinegar crisps is here" and then I'm disappointed when they turn out to be too crunchy or not salt'n'vinegary enough. Take Real Crisps Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar flavour. Nice packaging and they come in around the €1 mark. They have a medium flavour and are just a tad too crispy for my liking. You could cut your gums eating these crisps.

Marks & Spencer do a decent packet of handcooked Salt and Vinegar crisps (€1) which hit the spot quite nicely, but my favourite own-brand crisp came from Lidl in a big bag. However, they seem to have stopped selling them, instead replacing them with odd lamb flavoured crisps.

Ultimately, it's hard to beat our own Tayto's and sometimes Walker's. Homegrown is best. But if you can offer any advice on other salt and vinegar crisps that you think are worth trying, please let me know!



Pearl said...

The absolute best salt and vinegar "crisps" (chips where i'm from) are "X-tra Salt and Vinegar" by Rave. Extreme flavour, the salt and vinegar nearly splits your tongue open if you eat too many.

Anonymous said...

hi... i left the UK ages ago, presently in Asia... best i can get hold of here is lays in a tube... get a bit of blue lip, but not the eye squinter i'm after!!! i remember years back there was a packet called disco's, i remember them leaving my mouth satisfyingly numb haha i crave them regularly!!! :(
i'm yet to try the Rave ones that Pearl said about, but will keep my eyes open and with any luck can get someone to send me a pack or 2 from the UK... happy days....
i don't have google account, but can be contacted on if anyone fancy's a western union cash/ mouth blaster exchange!!!!
cheers, Paul

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