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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I love TK Maxx

I love TK Maxx. Seriously.. I do. Some days you don't find a single thing, especially in the St. Stephen's Green store. But on other days, you just keep finding little gems of stuff.

Today in Waterford, I went through the clearance rails with a vengance. I found a Tahari Arthur S. Levine black crepe shift dress (sleeveless and knee-length) with a lovely satin neckline for E10!! And I got a grey Hoxton Chic skirt that will do nicely for work for E3. I know that Tahari is a fairly medium priced (think $250 for a suit) line of American womenswear, so E10 for a dress is pretty good. It will be ideal for work.

To top that all off, I bought a Prestige curry pan pressure cooker for E35 and a bottle of Crema Balsemcio di Fragola (Strawberry balsamic glaze) for E5. We've been thinking about buying a pressure cooker for a while now, and when we saw one on the shelf in TK Maxx today, we didn't say no.

Now, if only they'd have gas torches in stock the next time I'm in. That would do nicely.

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Anonymous said...

TK Maxx is great if you are in the mood and good at digging through rails! I don't go in often as I don't have the patience for it but I have got some great bargains there in the past!

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