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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bar Italia IFSC

We grabbed a quick bite to eat last Thursday in Bar Italia in the IFSC. We were on our way to see Leonard Cohen play in the o2 and our first option, Il Fornaio, was full up. However, Bar Italia, just across the Custom House Square, had some free tables. I like the other instances of Bar Italia that are dotted around Dublin, so I thought that it would be a good bet.

It was a meal of minor, irritating things, none of which were very bad on their own, but when added up mean that I probably won't be in a hurry back. Firstly was the musician playing the piano just inside the door. He was good, but the volume of his playing was just too much. Secondly, the tables are located far too close together. I really do have a fear of intimacy when dining. Thirdly, it took ages for the waitress to come and take our order.

When the food arrived (pizza Bar Italia for me, pizza Antica for him), it looked quite good. Fresh rocket leaves covered my pizza (something that I've loved ever since a trip to Pisa) while there were generous parmesan shavings on his. But something was lacking from the pizzas - no real tomato bite and mine quickly became soggy and dripped everywhere.

Ultimately, no real incentive to return - although I did notice a seemingly good value deal for a pizza and glass of wine during daytime hours.

Bar Italia IFSC, Custom House Square Lower, Mayor Street, Dublin 1. 01 - 670 2887

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